The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Stabilising Spoon At Home – Post from the Better Care Market Blog

A stabilising spoon is a technologically advanced eating aid for those people who have shaky hands or limited mobility in their hands as they are no longer able to use normal cutlery due to their physical limitations.

Mealtimes bring people together. Not only is it time to nourish your body, you nourish your spirit and relationships as well, seated at a table with your family or friends. While there are many reasons why you may be suffering from unstable hands, like Parkinson’s or Huntington disease, Cerebral Palsy, Post Stroke or after a Spinal cord injury, a tremor takes away the enjoyable experience of having a meal together. Those who suffer from a tremor or unstable hands have to mainly focus on the task of eating. Don’t worry anymore: Elispoon’s technology has stepped in to make life a bit easier by inventing the stabilising spoon.  

An extremely useful tool

One of the core activities you undertake on a daily basis is feeding yourself, which naturally requires you to use cutlery. With shaky hands, eating with a normal spoon can be a hassle, as the food refuses to stay on it while covering the distance from the plate to your mouth. The ergonomic design which adapts to your hand and movements keeps the spoon horizontal at all times. The two weighted rotational axes ensure the spoon stays in balance regardless of the movement of your hands. The stabilising spoon from Elispoon is an extremely useful adaptive device tool that allows you to keep the food on the spoon without spilling it.

Allows you to eat independently

A major concern for people with Parkinson’s disease is that they need to rely on other people to feed them since they are not able to do it themselves, at least not efficiently. This poses two problems. First, it places a burden on another person, who is most likely a family member, to dedicate both time and energy into feeding you. And second, you might not be able to find someone available to feed you at times, which can cause a nutritional deficiency that can potentially worsen your medical condition. In that case the stabilising spoon is a great solution as you are able to scoop food and eat peacefully amid the tremors. 

Offers psychological satisfaction

Having the ability to feed yourself is empowering in its own way, and that is why having a feeding device like the stabilising spoon by Elispoon at home is important. Even if you have constant access to a helper who can feed you whenever you need, you would still prefer to eat with your own hands as it will improve your psychological health by reaffirming the concept of physical autonomy in your mind.

Saves time

Many people who suffer from tremors try to adjust their eating methods without using a mobility aid. In some cases, they succeed in getting the job done. But, it takes them much longer to finish their meal as the food keeps spilling from their spoon. The stabilising spoon makes eating a much faster process, saving them both time and energy.

Increases the appetite

According to research, the more time you take to consume a meal, the more you lose your appetite. This happens because your stomach starts digesting the food that you have already consumed, making you feel full even before you have finished a meal. For those with a tremor in their hands, this should be a major point of concern, as you need to consume optimum nutrition on a daily basis as otherwise, your health will deteriorate over time. The stabilising spoon allows you to eat at a much faster pace, thereby maintaining optimal appetite.

Although the stabilising spoon by Elispoon will not be able to stabilise your hands, it will definitely make consuming a meal a much easier task for you. It will allow you to go out to a restaurant or simply enjoy a meal with your family without stress! As far as independent living aids are concerned, this one is definitely a must-have for you.